Recommendations and experiences by parents and children

(no full name disclosure to keep personal information private)

Great help for parent and child in expat turmoil
Not just my 6 years old daughter but the whole family, as an expat, had problems and stress to settle down in the Netherlands. But we were lucky to find Helene Mullers, as she helped us to learn how to cope better, communicate better and the most important one to set boundaries at home.

Helene is a great listener, knows a lot about kids and is great at analyzing and solving problems. She could support us while she met my daughter once a week and once in a month with us to track our improvement. With children she can made it very smooth with playing, reading books and some other activities in fun ways, to teach them to talk to get them express their feelings. Also, my daughter learned better coping skills and solving problems from her. She is highly recommended.
Expat family from the Middle East, September 2020

Daugther able to stand up for her opinion
“Helene has helped our oldest daughter (7 years) to be more confident. Helene works in a playful and interactive way. Our daughter is able to express her opinion and stand up for what she wants. She was very happy to go to Helene. As parents, Helene has given us practical advice how to adjust the dynamics in our family so that there is mutual respect and everybody feels confident.”
A family in Amstelveen, March 2019

From anxious child to a child full of self confidence
“Our daughter was only three years old when we came with her to Helene, mainly becasue she was very anxious to go to school. The first therapy sessions were not easy for her and she didn’t dare to go on her own. But very soon Helene managed to gain her confidence and she started to look forward to going to the session. In a short time she has grown tremendously in self confidence. She is less anxious in new situations. Can be exited and at ease with things at the same time, instead of so exited that it overtook her. She has started school and enjoys attending school. At Helene’s she loves it so much she really feels sorry the sessions have come to an end. For us as parents it was a beautiful experience to see our daughter blossom and grow so much. As parents we also have considered the counselling of both our daughter and the advice given to ourselves as really pleasant.”
Karen and Bart, December 2018

6 years old, gifted boy, expat. Counseling in Dutch and English
I would like to submit this recommendation to Mrs Helene Mullers, a child therapist. For our child problems in assimilating to the new environment after we moved from Poland to the Netherlands, we were advised by the school to take contact with Mrs Mullers. We agreed for a series of meetings and we were explained in detail the methods that she follows in her practice, as well as what we can expect from the sessions.

Our child instantly felt fond of Mrs Mullers. He really enjoyed ging to see her and plan and discover various things. You can see him looking forward to every meeting and later on really being enthusiastic about it. For us as parents this was the most important aspect.

The work done by Mrs Mullers gave positive results and after a serie of 15 meetings we decided to stop and see how our son would develop on his own. With positive feedback from school and BSO we saw that the therapy gave the required results.

Mrs Mullers is a professional in what she does, at the same time being a very kind and warm person. Being an expat herself, she knows the feeling of being new in an unknown country. She also specializes in giftedness of children and works with an aim to ensure the correct development of her little clients. As parents we always received all the information and were able to discuss things in the open. Personally I always had the feeling that I can share anything I considered important, as she looked at our family as a whole and helped us to see what impact we had on our son´s development and behaviour.

9 years old boy, PPD-nos, ADHD, expat. Counseling in French
We are the parents of a 9 year old child with ADHD and PDD-nos.
We have asked Helene to help us with our relation with the school, and to help our son with his social interaction. The whole process went on for one school year and this was a great help to us.
Our son made progress especially when he had to deal with conflict.
This type of therapy is not easy to quantify in term of result, but we really had a positive feeling about it, and Max really enjoyed  it as well.
Catherine and Vincent

11 year old boy, ADD or gifted?
According to his teacher my son was suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. Hélène pointed out the giftedness of our son. Our sons behaviour changed completely after he had been given adapted and more challenging material at school. Now nobody talks about ADD any more.

9 year old boy, shy and withdrawn.
He used to be a shy boy but now he is able to stand up for himself. I’m glad, because that is needed in today’s society.

Mother of A (9 years old): she still missess her (deceased) father but she has found ways to handle her grief. She is able to enjoy herself again.

Father of S (14 years old): the other day we were on a trip to the countryside and she had forgotten the charger for her Ipod. Normally she would have freaked out, now she remained calm. Her mindset clearly had changed.

Teacher of L (12 years old): he is very happy now, well connected to his peers and is ready to go to highschool.

Mother of B (11 years old): he didn’t say so much when he came back from the session, but his smile said it all to me.

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