Child therapy

Integrative child therapy Amstelveen

Integrative child therapy is a short, effective type of therapy for children from 4 to 14 years old. Integrative child therapy integrates various models and aims to work at the root of the problems the child experiences. In doing so, the root of the problem is addressed leading to lasting results.

Child centered

The therapy revolves around the child and for each child I prepare a tailor made plan. No standard therapy, but therapy that focuses on your child, keeping in mind its characteristics.

Integrative child therapy integrates various explanatory models and does not work based on a single explanatory model as some other therapies do.

Integrative child therapy has been developed because in treating adults very often the cause of their problems appeared to lie in their childhood. By helping children we can prevent that the problems become larger. Children learn to find their owns solutions and can use the tools they learn during the rest of their lives.

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Learned at an early age, useful for life

My drive is to really help children advance. I am convinced that if certain problems are addressed at a young age, the child will be more likely to live a more balanced and happy life as an adult.

‘In the lives of people their childhood is like a mountain from which the river of life takes its beginning, its course and its direction’

Janus Korczak