Gifted child

Coaching gifted children in Amstelveen.

At Casa Tutti Frutti I have extensive knowledge and experience with gifted and highly gifted children. To support highly gifted children and their parents as well as teachers and schools I took additional studies.

Doubts about the wellbeing of gifted children

Gifted children often experience problems. This can be because they don’t connect easily with other children or because they are bored at school. There are many ways in which this can manifest itself.

Many gifted children came to me because they suffered from other problems, like having headaches often, consistently not wanting to go to school, a depression, bullying or being bullied. The underlying cause appeared to be a giftedness that was insufficiently recognised and stimulated. The child shows by means of its behavior that something is going on.

Recognising giftedness is not obvious

On average in each school class some highly gifted children are present, but they are not always recognised. Gifted children can’t always be recognised by their excellent results. Sometimes they score bad results and they underperform, as they are insufficiently challenged at school. For gifted children it is very important that they don’t loose interest and that they learn how to learn.

Because giftedness sometimes remains unrecognised, the gifted children lack the attention and care they need. Gifted children that aren’t recognised, are very often the children with social and emotional problems and the children that hide their talents.

In addition to support for and recognition of the gifted child it is important that parents and school become aware of the needs of the gifted child.

Why Casa Tutti Frutti for your gifted child?

– specialised in gifted children
– many years experience as a counsellor/therapist in handling a variety of issues that gifted children can encounter
– effective therapy, gettting to the root of the problem
– therapy centered around your child
– child therapist has 2 gifted children herself and knows the challenges

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