Expat kids

Coaching for expat children in Amstelveen

Expat children arrive to a new culture and new school system. Although children are capable of adapting to new circumstances, sometimes some form of support can be helpful.

Being an expat myself, I can relate to the changes and turmoil a new environment and culture bring about. As a professional child therapist, I can help children find ways to cope with their new circumstances, the loss of old friends and the anxiety of new situations.

The coaching I give is very effective and generates results quickly. No waiting list, starting is possible on a short term. Children learn to rely on their own strenghts and find their own solutions.

Coaching for expat children is available in English and French (mother tongue) for expatriate children from ages 4-16 years.

Typical issues that are adressed at Coaching for expat kids

– dealing with a different cultural environment

– adjusting to new circumstances (e.g. school)

– handling griefs

– mourning the loss of old friends / familiair environment

– overcoming insecurities

– developing social skills / making new friends

– issues typical for gifted children

Why coaching for expat children in Amstelveen?

– very effective, child centered approach

– a smoother transition for your child – one less worry for parents

– children learn skills they can use a lifetime

– 8 years professional experience as a child therapist

– personal experience as an expat in The Netherlands

– no waiting list for expat children

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